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The System Health Record (SHR) is a cloud-based software application designed and created by GSS. Key features of the SHR include raw data capture, data processing, scalability, and AI-driven intelligence analysis. At its core, the SHR serves as the foundational component for enabling multi-domain condition based maintenance and predictive maintenance capabilities. Whether in the depot or in the field, the SHR will help the next generation warfighter stay one step ahead and resolve problems before they can occur. 


proSERIES® is a sensory-updating, residual life analytical software that integrates real-time condition monitoring with a stochastic process model. This technique facilitates real-time state awareness and produces performance life remaining estimates of partially degraded equipment, early determination of aircraft component degradation state, proactive accident/incident prevention, and informed sense-and-respond logistics processes. Lastly, our solution is applicable across different air vehicle platforms, meaning proSERIES® can be tailored to serve different mission requirements.


GSS has developed the autopro® application specifically for the automotive industry. This app collects real-time data to perform a statistical analysis on a vehicle’s engine performance, assess emissions, provide financial insights, and perform diagnostics and prognostics on vehicles in need of maintenance. autopro® communicates with modern vehicle's on-board computers, providing car owners with real-time awareness of their vehicle health condition beyond the check engine light. This technology can be applied across gasoline and diesel vehicles.

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